The Church

Veritas is a church that desires to be on the front lines contending for the faith against all who would come against it.  This body of believers is an apologetics based ministry in New London, CT that works to serve the whole of the body of believers.  Within the church there are many parts to the body, but only one Lord.  It is our prayer that each church would discover how God wants to utilize them to best be in His service, just as He has guided this body of believers.  We pray for believers of all denominations, hoping to see God move in wonderful ways in the county of New London, the state of Connecticut, The US, and all over the world.

Our Story

In June of 2016 a house church was started by Greg and Laura Pilato.  This service was done with two families and several other members attending the services.  In July of 2017 Greg accepted an offer to return to the church in which he accepted Christ as his savior as the pastor.  At this point Matthew Bertels took over as the pastor for the small congregation.  At this point Veritas Community Church was beginning in motion to become a legal entity.  During this process the church teamed up with Ebenezer PLACE of Ministry and Global Intercessors Ministry International.